Golden query: Is urine remedy an efficient magnificence remedy for easy pores and skin?

Golden query: Is urine remedy an efficient magnificence remedy for easy pores and skin?

  • Urine remedy is believed to have been used as a remedy for medical illnesses among the many Egyptians, Chinese language, Indians, Aztecs, and Romans.
  • Advocates say it is good for the pores and skin, heals illnesses, and promotes well being.
  • However consultants say there is no such thing as a scientific proof that consuming urine or taking part in some other urine remedy is useful.

An grownup produces about 1.5 liters of urine a day, however not all of it goes to the bathroom – some folks acquire it and drink it, rub it on their pores and skin, use it as eye drops, or give it an injection. into muscle: urine entry remedy.

It is an historical custom believed to have the ability to deal with all the things from zits to most cancers. However this remedy – also referred to as urophagia or urological remedy – solely turned fashionable within the West (as a pure various to trendy drugs) within the late 90s.

In a paper printed in 2010, Loeffler Jutta, from College School London, requested if urine was the “Golden Spring” and the “elixir nobody tells you”. She writes:

The ingestion or topical use of human or animal urine for medicinal functions has been practiced worldwide for millennia. Recorded prescriptions in Europe date again to Historical Egypt, Greece and Rome… Almost 100 000 hits trying to find “urine remedy” on Google… is an indication for discover consuming “waters out of your personal cistern” nonetheless, or once more, fairly frequent at present.

This methodology has additionally made its manner into the skincare house as a magnificence secret for easy pores and skin. So how efficient is it? Deutsche Welle (DW) have a look.

No knowledge or proof

Speaking to DW, Dr. Uwe Schwichtenberg, a German dermatologist, stated there is no such thing as a knowledge or proof that urine can treatment illness. “Completely nothing has been confirmed,” says Schwichtenberg.

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Dr. Ilker-Akgun Aydin, a basic practitioner, provides that, finally, urine is an excretory product. In different phrases, it’s 95% water, the remaining is urea (2%), salts, hormones and colorants – all waste merchandise that the physique now not wants and needs to do away with.

He echoes Schwichtenberg’s opinion that there is no such thing as a analysis or knowledge to counsel it may be good for you. He added:

It is a fantasy that is been round for a very long time — 1000’s of years, in actual fact, however no research have confirmed any actual well being advantages.

As for utilizing urine as a beauty to easy the pores and skin, Aydin explains that there are merchandise that comprise urea however these are utilized in a processed kind in lotions or ointments, for instance. “It’s stated to assist combat itching and irritation [and] some folks say it helps,” he stated.

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In an article for The Dialog, two researchers from Bond College, Australia, wrote:

“Urine remedy (or urology remedy) is an age-old apply primarily based on the idea that urine will be drunk, bathed or utilized to result in good well being and even heal the physique from sure ailments. illness… However is there any proof that urine remedy works? In brief, no. Urine is waste and ought to be eradicated from the physique.”

As Healthline explains, the urea utilized in skincare merchandise, which might comprise wherever from 2% to 40%, is synthesized in a lab, though urea can also be discovered naturally in your pores and skin. and is excreted within the urine, so it is not stunning that individuals might surprise if the urea in cosmetics comes from urine.

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The Bond College researchers additionally clarify that urea is a secure natural compound and that the urea-based formulations present in emollients and nail lotions act as efficient moisturizers. Nonetheless, the focus of urea current within the urine is just too low to offer any therapeutic profit.

It’s completely clear, DW, that urological remedy can not treatment illness, and there may be nothing to counsel that consuming this water is useful, particularly when there are lots of different issues which are tastier, much less disgusting, and good for well being. buddy.

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