Thanksgiving 2022: Historical past “For the Great thing about the Earth”

Thanksgiving 2022: Historical past “For the Great thing about the Earth”

In contrast to Christmas, there aren’t many Thanksgiving songs.

One of many extra standard Thanksgiving hymns is “For the Great thing about the Earth.” Thought of a Thanksgiving hymn by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Latter-day Saints and different Christians generally sing this hymn through the Thanksgiving season to specific their hearts. Grateful to God for the earth and for one another.

The hymn highlights gratitude for household, time, earth, and Christ all through the verses.

Folliott S. Pierpoint wrote the textual content of this hymn in 1864. In line with the Hymnology Archive, Pierpoint was an Anglican educator and poet who wrote it as a Eucharistic hymn. Because of this Pierpoint meant it to be sung in reference to the Anglican Eucharist. The refrain and themes of reward and gratitude additionally attest to this. Whereas the lyrics are sung with many tunes, Conrad Kocher wrote one of the standard variations of the tune.

Hymnary says that Pierpoint wrote the hymn as he roamed the English countryside. He noticed the great thing about the earth and considered it in reference to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, which prompted him to jot down the lyrics to this well-known hymn. The preliminary refrain of the track is “Christ our God, we give Him; That is our sacrifice of reward.” Now, the refrain generally reads, “Lord of all, we provide you with / That is our hymn of gratitude.”

One of many extra well-known variations of this hymn appeared within the 1994 movie Little Girls. When Meg married John Brooke, the sisters and household sang to the couple whereas holding fingers. right into a circle.

Many choirs carried out totally different variations of the hymn.

The Tabernacle Choir in Temple Sq., a worldwide choir comprised of Latter-day Saints, carried out a remix of the hymn a decade in the past. Mack Wilberg organized it for the choir, and the hymn seems on the album “Think about the Lilies.”

The Tabernacle Choir in Temple Sq. has additionally carried out “For the Great thing about the Earth” on varied events.

The Saint Paul Cathedral Choir additionally carried out this hymn a number of years in the past. Church of St. Paul is an Anglican church based mostly in London.

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